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What is this? A Parody of Pokemon.

Why? Children love the game Pokemon and frankly I am sick of seeing and hearing about the shit. It seems as if Nintendo keeps producing the same game, just slapping a different 'color' on the title. The whole pokemon era took in so much money and still is with their video games, cartoons, playing cards, action figures, and stuffed animals. So I thought I'd bash on pokemon with my own little ideas.

Added AntiClockClock because we run a site together and this will soon be on the flash section.


man that was boring i hated it and its not bcause

im a pokeman fan but those pokemon are gay and gross hwo would drink there pee?!?!?!

not as bad as i thought it will be

wow, an anti-pokemon animation without blood and flying guts or brains. i am impressed. but the voice is rather sad... well, and some music could make the animation sound better. about the homor... well, not really funny. of course unless you laugh to death when you see anything that is making fun of pokemon :P

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lol yea there are way too many pkmn games and there all basically the same.

ha ha GAY

that was stupid you could of made it better

MappyTheKlown responds:

But then again, what the fuck do you know about flash? NOTHING! =oD

It was funny, but not the end of it wasn't funny.

It was startting out good. It was funny! But then the end was just mean! The games aren't the same every time with a differant color! They're good games, and that wasn't funny to say things like "gayamon 2!" People happen to like Pokemon you know!!!

p.s. I only like the game and the TV show's okay, but the cards and toys seem pointless to me.

p.s.#2 This wasn't off topic...... Was it?

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3.45 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2003
7:17 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody