Boogie Troubles

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yep... this was my 3rd animation.. sorry about the file size...


......................boogie........ hee hee......

Was that YOUR voice? It sounds a bit like Ben Stiller's or something. ANYHOO, that film was a riot! Keep the grand work. ..... never lose your style......


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Finally someone that can draw a skull right.

Finallly, an artist that can draw a bloody skull properly. Entertaining clip, creative and animated well. The voice acting was pretty good too- I love the part when the character off screen asked if it was better and the character off screen replies "yes.." Hilarity ensues.

Complaints: Audio was a little quiet and the clip needs a play button and a replay button.
Bonus: Sound of booger stuck in nose was realistic. Almost too realistic....

Evil Milkmaid is a slut

Good animation, a nice smooth animation style with a unique cartoon look. Funny, if not sick, but people shouldn't take things so seriously and just look at the brighter side of life, no matter who they are. Well done, liked it.

Good...Not only good..Rocking...

Nothing else to say... Sorry about the last reviewer.. Really i reviewed just to take him down.

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3.46 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2001
1:38 AM EST
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