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This is my new version of my old movie, just a few bug fixes and stuff, anyway, dont vote 0 just because its a clock movie, I mean, anti clock movies are crap, and when you compare them with clock movies there even worst! So watch it be for voting, ok thank.
So anyway, this movie is about my clock's life so...



This has a random aspect to it

This looks as thou it has potental and could be funny if you got real voices and put some more thought to it.. like with all the clocks. random yes..but why are the devel guys killing them.. like do something like.. were bored.. and give a list of other things to do that one of the says no to each of them.and then do the lets kills something.. then..i dont know.. im lost

a few reasons why this movie and its author are


reason number one: the movie you made didn't even look like a real clock introducing movie, more like an ugly movie with two guys killing certain other guys.

reason number two: Virus wasn't in your ugly movie that was F8l.

reason number three: i don't think a good guy like Evil would be a guy who would assinate people by your side so don't imagin he's your pal.

reason number three: most people don't kill off people in their cartoons who are much more talented, cooler and wittier than they are.

Butt since you're a clock too, I won't hate you.

Melior responds:

No, it was Virus, it's his old fla.
Who the fuck are you?
Butts lol.


it was odd very odd


CLOCKS RULE woohooo! make more clock shows!


I'm seriously hoping you make AntiClock Clocks. That would be sweet, because all of the others clocks fucking suck. So far I'm liking SinisterClocks, but if they turn on the side of the Clock Crew, then this will suck just like all the others.

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2.75 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2003
12:10 PM EDT
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