Kirk's Skate Video No. 3

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A breezy day in spring... I was bored. I started up Flash. Three Months, two girlfriends, and several attempts later, I bring to you what you see today.

What a long process this movie was. I think I had about six drafts. I added an "extras" section in the movie, where you can see a couple of trashed concepts for the beggining of the movie (they have no sound to save filesize), and some different stick concepts that I was going to include.

As usual, theres a bails section. I think that the overall estimated time of all the content in the movie is about two and a half minutes. So enjoy, or die.

Or if you don't die, tell me why you didn't enjoy it with a review (or why you DID)!

Different from the other two? Very. Better than the other two? Much. Will you be disappointed? Golly, I hope not!




WTF MAN!!! My movie had a score of 3.98, and the other movie that "magically" got 1st place only recieved a 3.97! I know, because i watched the two movies constantly for the last 5 minutes, and the lower movie won, somehow. Im very dissapointed to see that, i smell rotten stinky foul play... hackers!! blackmail!! canadians!!! *sigh...*

im sad.


Good Joerb

i really would liked to have given you a 10, but there were 2 parts that could be better, 1) is the little freestyle section, when i ran that part in slo mo, his feet sorta became hands to move the board, and i would know i used to freestyle back when it was still cool, and 2) at the end with the really big stair gap, he shud have ollied it completely, not one then two, but keep it up man

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that's good.

i like it, i like it plenty.

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This was the best ever...

Not only did it have interactivity, but it had evry concept of a flash movie maxed...love this.


you have a real talent.. this is probebly THE best movie i have seen on newgrounds and im confused as to why it isnt on the front page already!?

but dont just sit there and read this.. MAKE SOME MORE!! THAT RULED!!

ps: the freestyle bit was pure excellence.. haha!

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;_; I love you man!!

..But seriously now, nice movie. XD I love all your movies.. They're awesome. @_@ And what's so awesome about them you ask...? I dunno, I just happen to like skating as well. :D Plus your movies have got real animation to them... no tweening (in most places) and such.. I think I am rambling again. :)

lol Canadians... *is canadian*

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3.86 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2003
1:52 AM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place July 15, 2003