Stamper: TBWCW

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I sped it up, so it isn't so slow...so stop complaining. Oh yeah if you want to now which song it is e-mail me :)



I liked it. ^_^ Though... I haven't half an idea of what the moral was. O_o Loved the song/music. Wait... Maybe if I knew Stamper (more than the fact that he's an awsome flash artist and has pretty.. well lets say odd songs...) then I might get it. But othr than that: Bravo! ^_^ After all who has the right to critisize when most of the people doing so can't make a flash themselves? ^_^ No offence to anyone of course. I'd write more but I have a date with sleep. lol Ta-Taa.

not bad

not bad flash, weak in some areas and strong in others, keep trying hard.

It's got it's good points.

You've got potential kid. You shuold have picked something more original than that lame story line. The graphics are quite well done, even tho it looks like it was done in mspaint.

You movie would have been at least 2-3x better if there was an original plot to it. Plus you could have cut out that 2nd walking scene, after he walks there and back. We know what it looks like, we've seen it once, (from the house to the mountain the 2nd time would still have been acceptable, but that whole lil hill thing..) i mean, cmon, i turned away and went to a different computer because i knew what was gunna happen.

To Reintinerate: you've got potential. Think a little. It pays off in the end.

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My life actually lost value because of this.

JMartin97 responds:

Which would mean...you still don't have a life


what is this music?? i NEED to know!!

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2.32 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2001
9:34 PM EST
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