Max's Sad and Epic Story

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Press the button! REVIEW OR I KEEEEEL YOU


clowns and comics

not my kind of thing ive seen a lot of newgrounds work. some work for me others dont. this one isnt to good.

Don't KEEEL me!

I have a wife and kids, Keeeel them!

More epic than Episode 1! W00t!

Sad is right...

Okay, I give you SOME points for effort & for originality, I liked the whole button thing, but as far as this flash goes, it was pointless & too short. Try again, dude. Maybe do a "Choose-Your-Adventure" flash next w/the button idea or something. But as far as the whole "Review or I'll KEEEEL YOU" thing goes, oh yeah, that's real classy (immature). It just has high quality written ALLL over it... (NOT)

ChromeX1337 responds:

You realise that I don't expect anybody to take "Review or I KEEEEL YOU" as a threat that I'll kill them if they don't. I could just put "Please review," but would that really fit in the author's comments of a movie that features a tribute to B (Best. Movie. EVAR!), Tricky Clown (Best. Character. EVAR!) and a comic featuring a w00tm00se (Best. Spam. EVAR!)? This is one of the movies that people throw together when bored and submit just to see if it can scrape past. This did, fortunately for people who share my sense of humour (EZ3 and all the 2nd BT posters, this response goes out to you!), but unfortunately for serious types or those looking for fantastic flash skill, which I don't posess in huge amounts. As for a choose-your-adventure flash, I can't think of a worse type of game I could possibly make. I'm sure it's possible to pull it off, but I haven't seen anyone manage it. Unless you mean a shore acres style game, which very few people manage well. I don't have the imagination for a storyline, hence the pointlessness of all my movies, so I wouldn't even be able to start a game. I like short & pointless flashes, I make them too. See "adventures of bean head" (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=100327) for a perfect example of a movie to which all my 5 are belong. Just a tip for the future, when using sarcasm DO NOT say NOT at the end, or put your real meaning in brackets afterwards, it's already painfully obvious to everybody reading it with an IQ above that of a housefly what you really mean. Yes, writing this response was a huge waste of time, but I'm bored, and inspiration for another quality pointless flash has yet to come to me. When it does, you can be sure it'll be up on NG, and all my fellow pointless movie lovers will be there fiving it. Sorry if I sound a little arrogant, but we'll five ANYTHING.


Haven't this happy since the 2nd biggest topic wasn't locked. You were quite the little spammer... I miss yesterday so.... bork bork bork... and back to da top!

ChromeX1337 responds:



three letters: w...t...f...

im so confused that im not even sure if that made any sense at all

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2.47 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2003
3:04 PM EDT
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