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A Girl & Her RobotJesus

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Author Comments

This is the first in a series of shorts about a girl and her robot jesus. They're on the run from the law and from a mysterious man. Why is everyone out to get this digital messiah? How did an innocent little girl end up tangled in this conspiracy? You'll have to watch the series to find out.

The short is about 475k and 1 minute and 15 seconds long.


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Very pleasent film

Love the characters and smooth looking art You have started with something good here And I must say you have a pretty good flick here Some things start out with advanced and excitedly ideas, You have brought your A-Game with this movie and it shows. Looking forward to the rest of this entry you Produce good stuff and clarify the opportunity So at times movie can be like a team vs another team And based on this one you have shown you have a good team to succeed with in the movie world


I was pretty confused by this. It just seems like it wasn't set up that well. I still thought it was wonderfully animated. You don't need to tell us how long it is in terms of seconds. The voices weren't bad. It just didn't add up too well.

I just feel like there could have been more going on. I wanted more of a story. I thought we'd get more satire. Still, it's a creative idea. Okay, a robot Jesus has probably been done before.


Well that was certainly random! I suppose I did enjoy it, even though there is no kind of context for the story as we seem to have just jumped in part way through. Would be nice to get some answers to the ridiculous questions of why a little girl is going around with a RobotJesus. He didn't act much like Jesus either, he just had the Jesus look to him. Again, sound quazlity for the voices wasn't the greatest, maybe you should invest in a better microphone?

it has really good potential

i thought it was pretty funny. it woulda been better if you woulda made it longer tho

Good and decent

Ok first of all, you took something that could easily turn into a flamewar and didn't create a flamewar. The bible isn't something to joke about, but this stayed inside the bouderies. Btw mc-squeaky, not only is that blasphemy, but it's extreamly incensitive

Credits & Info

3.37 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2003
2:09 PM EDT