Mario Babies 3

July 12, 2003 –
September 19, 2008
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Better than the 1st 2 vids

the ending wasent as great

listen dude numbah three aint for me i'ma serious

well way to go mario you should have known!GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!

that was so cool when the whole room was on fire! i'll give you credit for this!

I definatly prefered the first.

my toy is nintendo gamecube with super smash bros melee

i guess mario dident get the memo? lol

Remember,Kids! Don't play with fire because if you do, You'll Die of burning yourselves!

this crapy movie licked balls dumb assness

the idea was for luigi to ennoy mario with his plunger....not to start a fire

This was alot better than the other one's.

funny funny funny 5 min later... FUNNY

RUN!!!!!!!!!!!lol.funny.So true.share toys.OR ELSE!!!MWAHAHAHAHA!

your flash video was well designed but needs better humor good job thoe.

make more... It gets better and better.

That was hilarous with baby Mario getting the flower and setting the whole cage on fire which was all very nicely animated btw,this series keeps on getting better and better. :)

But random

i think it was good but it was too short. I think that the second one was a little better and funnier than this one. but still. good job, keep it up.

Nice movie very very funny.. To CBJewels: You know i am offened that you call chinese people a disgrace because i kno a few "chinese" people that can kick your f***ing ass and that includes me.. So shut ur god damn mouth ok?

I love the mario babies things. It's very cute. good work on them

Cool and original. I just think you're doing to many double k.o.s.

this one was funny, you and tenchi should team up to make a really good movie! keep up tha good work!

You have just been blessed by,

Good job paul, These are really nice. Keep it up!

Go luigi!!! lol.. these are real fun to watch lolol

For a little fire ball that Mario made, it sure spreads super fast. Man these sprites are good.

LMAO that was great and great message in it, why did they both have to be burnt though that made me sad :(, lol great work keep it up

Nice sprites and one heck of a funny cartoon.

still pretty funny!

Its doesnt live up to or outshine your previous mario babies but non the less is still a funny short.

This one wasnt as funny as the second one but its still good for a quickie.

stupid babies

I like this one because they both die.

where was the stupid soundeffect at the end? i kinda missed it :'<

i like this one a little better because there was a suprise. these cartoons have limited animation but i like it

That was funny! I was crackin my ass up when Mario killed Luigi and practically commited suicide.

not bad, but the second one was better.

wonder what happens when they crap their diapers

kinda cute, kinda witty, kinda funny
it wasn't roll around on the floor trying to put out a fire funny, but I got a few "heh's" in there

so yea, pretty nice
short, but nice

That was a fuggin ironic thing.
Keep up the good work!

Another good one!Keep em' coming.

another Mario babies!!! I love this series!
Its the best!

First off I just want to comment on CB Jewelz and everyone who is posting against him. Yes his posts are stupid and truely showing a lacking of maturity but for all of you (CB included) who think the best way to attack something is to call it 'gay' or use other homophobic slang you are all little children who need to grow up and show some respect to the world around you. No, I'm not gay, I just happen to be an adult, unlike yourselves.

On to the review... another gem for the Mario Babies series... I can't get enough. Keep up the good work.

thats the exact same damn thing u said on number 1 u dipshit how bout u go stick a hot iron rod in ur ass and pretend its ur boyfriend

That was what i needed to enlighten my day. keep up the good work and make more. can't wait for number four!

I love Mario Babies! And I know that all babies think that way because I know from experience.

That's all I gotta say

I would have done the fire joke diffrently, but it was good.

Hey this was good and you had original Mario sounds! Keep posting your good stuff!

The scenario was really boring and the baby cry was quite anoying. There were humor, but the graphics were well ripped: there is no error. Anyway, like I said to some other NG movie author, you should get an idea before working on the movie.

Author had a horrible childhood?

I have always thought the sound effects in that mario game were the best sound effects lol, there's just something about them. Anyways, very nice job, keep making good sprite movies!

I love seeing Mario realted stuff!

Short but sweet, I liked it. Keep up the sprite animation and VG parodies.


that was funny and cute... but short. but good job! =)

ok make em longer theyre good but they dont show much work

That had to hurt. So, what's next? Playgrounds, daycare, out in a baby stroller? Something with others as babies maybe?

There better not be a 1 and 2

ur lucky i didnt give u a 0 (coz mario's in it) krank zinning studio suxs

i didnt like it that much it was a waste of time

It wasnt as good as the rest but still pretty good. I really want to see more, I LOVE this series. You rock man.

Almost as good as the rest, but just not as funny. I like the series so far, hope to see more episodes.


How did u POSSIBLY get 3rd place? This is pathetic..

But the torching babies thing is gross...but does make a good point, LOL. Good Job, make more.

hmm one baby torching another baby that poked him with a plunger hah holy shit. nice work fifen

but im dissapoited that its still not longer but once again u prove a funny point :)

Pretty good although you didnt really put alot of effort into it. it was a good laugh

Oh that one was the best so far

nice work on the movie pretty funny.. a bitlol luigi pikin on mario ahaha maybe longer movie will make this a good one? anyways keep up good work :)

I gave this one a 4 because hopfully it is the END!!

This kicks the other episodes' asses. Haha, baby fire Mario.

that was good like the rest...i would like them to be longer but that's just me. keep up the good work...love the series

Pretty funny keep up the good work, hope to see more. =)

This was very funny, I think that thewre rivalry will continue even after there 80's! :)

There is one thing though, do you think you could make a sequal to Sonic breaks out Kirby? That flash was great, so I think you should continue it!

Thankyou for your time.

ha ha ha! stupid mario.

funny shit dude :p

phew movies make me laugh this was one of those movies

hehe i like this one, its short and sweet

lol NOT my mum can do better than that its so lame and copyrighted

good movie i mean WoOoOoOoOoOoOoHoOoOoOoOoO!

Your very talented, keep it up! Especially the Mario Babies series, It's a very good idea.

this definetaly doesnt deserve this score, its just two pixelated babies doin some well animated shit for a couple seconds, this is too short, and pointless. nice use of the sprites, i'm not sure if u made them or not, some frames look strangely original.

wtf.wat effort? this shit sucks my balls..how is it getting good scores..its a bunch of pixels that move for about 10 seconds..its not even funny or creative and its boring as fuck

It was good. Not as good as two but good non the less

totally cool man
and original. luv it luv it
so cute. reminds me o my youth

But hey, i can tell the effort is still there. Good Job!

Nice, like your work, make more, i'll vote good :D

For only 15 years old you show great potential talent.

dat heb je goed gedaan, heel goed gedaan ,kan je me toevoegen op msn ofzoow, mazzl

Maak maar een vierde.. en een vijfde .. en eeuh.. een zesde :P.. enz. HET IS ECHT COOL!

Rubbertje f.H

LOL, thats some crazy shit.

The crying sound is really annoying!

Good job anyways.

I know I make the series too, but these things just get better and better :D 10/10. I'd say this is the funniest one yet

Pointless, but good animation.


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