Celebémon Salon

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Now you can style your favorite Celebémon's hair in this classic game!

NOTE: please feel free to send in a screen shot of your creation to ahriman@no-god.com and i'll post it on no-god.com.

NOTE: i know it's hard to believe but homestarrunner stole it's hairstyle runner game from a very very old magnetic hair game, and my game is stolen from the same one. i didn't make this too be cool like the almighty homestar, i made it because it was an easy and fun game i could make. but homestar runner doesn't allow you to switch between characters, so ha! this is more than a "wannabe", it's a "better than!"

here are the game that this is based on: http://www.farmgoodsforkids.com/brands/brandmagnetic_journal.htm


hrmm.. creative but..disturbing

A game where you stick pubes on pokemon that look like celebrities.. some may find this hilarious but it doesn't catch my attention. Actually its pretty boring. I don't fancy styling pubes. Not trying to be mean with the rating, it makes me laugh a bit. If I had different humor maybe I'd like it more.... twisted *shakes head*


it was great. guys u put the hair at the bottom on them.


This game really sucks... like really sucks.

ha ha ha

hee hee


^^Good Points^^
The graphics in this game are definitely pretty good. Your drawings are very nice and I like how you made the designs look like they were for sale in a package.

^^Needs Improving^^
I don't really like the idea of this. A lot of the celebemon's don't really look like who they are supposed to look like, which really defeats the purpose of this whole game. It also isn't very fun just to look through a slideshow of pictures you made.

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Jul 11, 2003
6:16 PM EDT
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