Mega Man Bosses

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I haven't slept in a couple days, maybe thats why this is so funny to me. No. No I think it is authentically funny. Vote 5.

The movie is about Mega Man, and he talks about his enemies.

It is by me, Neotropic9, and dark_eldar. We would like you to know that although it may not seem that way, we both are fans of the Mega Man series.

BTW This is an updated version of one that was submitted a little while ago. It has many of the same jokes, but is completely different.

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This is poorly put together and laced with nothing but the most childest of language and jokes. If you want to do a parody or a joke in general, you should put a little more effort into thinking things through as opposed to just re-using the same gay slurs over and over again.


you made fun of my 3 favorite robot masters


i'm srry, but i just dont think that changing the facts of the robots is enough to make the criteria of the joke good enough. "what the hell am i suposed to do with a leaf sheild?" its sheild dick-dork. thank about it

THats so true.

WTF is wrong with the mega man bosses. You should definetly make more of these

not bad

Yeah, we all have thought that at some point or another... it makes you feel like a piece of shit to say something like "Yeah all I have left to beat is....Junk Man..." (btw that is another one)
Plus, another thing is how many synonyms for 'fire' and 'cold' did they come up with with their 'different' bosses, I know mega man x had a lot of those, my case of videogame alzheimers is keeping me from remembering some of the original ones... either that or just repressing the memories.

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Jul 10, 2003
9:58 AM EDT
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