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snack hunt 2

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the lowdown on the hodown .

this is the sequel to snack hunt . this edition features ten different levels of snack hunting goodness .

this game is chock full o' action packed challenges and brain teasers . i have tested this game dozens of times and i have found it enjoyable . i hope you will as well .

(and , it now has an easier level 4 . one that you can actually get past)

when you win , you will be asked to sign the snack hunt sheet of the elite . please do ! show the world that you conquered the beast that is snack hunt .

i hope you enjoy the game , happy snack hunting !


I'm defeated by cookies. I really didn't want to lose. I tried and tried. Maybe one day when I'm big and strong I'll get all the cookies.


This game is sooooooo fun! I say people should definitely play this game. This one is way better than the first one though. BUT THOSE FREAKIN' COOKIES GOT ON MY NERVES! Those stupid cookies took me about an hour to beat. It was fun but frustrating.


dude that grab all the cookies thing drove me so nuts i threw my keyboard up against the wall and had to go buy a new one to write this review...
good job though i guess


Sure it has unexpected death, but is there a level 3?


Even greater than the versio one, lmao, same great graphics and gameplay, but with tons of additional ups and bugfixes. Great game. Will there be a 3? Keep up the good work!


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Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2003
7:55 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid