MegaMan/X:Final Battle 4

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Fourth episode, X and MegaMan go deeper into the base and face Clown Man and Magma Dragoon respectively, it's the first time MegaMan fights a Maverick and X goes head to head against a RobotMaster, how will it end?

Well this took me longer to submit than the other three but i have been busy partying and all that, the way things are shaping up i think the series will be around 6 episodes long. Sorry about the big file size but the music took a big chunk of that. Please review and give me pointers of how i can improve,thanx...

Some Details:
Movie runs at 16fps now
6730 Frames total
Around 7 minutes long
8 Scenes
Took around 7 days to make

All characters property of Capcom.


Wow my first daily feature award. Thank you everyone who clicked on a five, and also thanx to everyone who has typed constructive reviews. I try to answer most of them and i pay attention to each and everyone so i can make a better movie. I am working hard on the next episode but i don't wanna rush it. Thanx again...



i dont like writin reviews but this was fukin good
best flash iv ever seen wiked job

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Rigo, you are the best. That was the best thing I have ever saw. If you get this review, please send me a reply.

In the words of Vic Romano... Fuckin' A!

Yeah, I watch MXC for kicks... anyways

Graphics: Awesome, ok so it's sprites? so what, it's still very well integrated nonetheless. The animation is fluid, timing is great, everything is good.

Sound: Oh sweet music, oh sweet sound effect, oh sweet timing... I have little request on that part

Plot: My my, it seems like your average plot to me, nothing spectacular, but it makes for good showing.

Overall: Goddamn tease, you goddamn tease, you just love torturing people, stopping right before the next fight scene... well it works, be fuckin proud of yourself. Though I have a strange feeling on it, it feels as if something is lacking, not just one something but multiple of them... just can't put my finger on it.

CheveLoco responds:

well i dont know whay might be lacking

Oh, such a gripping plot line

I like this one the best so far. It has action and megaman finally won! this is good

Music was soooo cool!

Nice to see Protoman and finally there was battle between Megaman and Bass.Sorry for the spoilers but Rigo you rule.

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4.03 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2003
7:13 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature July 10, 2003