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I've been working on this one for a short while now, inbetween uni and work, but ive finally gotten time to finish it. I had the idea for the imagery a while ago, but only once i heard the song Obsidan by Meshuggah, i decided to finally produce the idea in flash with the song backing it.

hmmm...Maybe my next animation will actually be funny?? Well, maybe not. Lets see if i can be bothered :D

Oh, and i finally fixed the sound.


Another talented artist...

You have a very distinct style, and this movie shows it off. It was bleak, and foreboding; but the lack of any plot keeps this submission from gaining the score it has the potential to reach. Keep up the good work, and maybe give us something we can follow along with.

Great work.

That was really really good! but...

no story...i liked your style and all..but the fact that there wasnt a story kinda ruined it...add a story next time and make it a bit longer, and it will be perfect!

still a good job tho!


I found this to be a great flash. The only thing I thought was faulty and I don't know if it was my comp or your flash, there are a few dead spots in the sound, but I did not let it hinder my enjoyment of this flash.

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This almost looks like a trailer that was awsome good job please make more

Good work

Nice 3d graphics, shame about the sound, it seemed to cut out, i dunno if it was meant to do that but it sounds like it screwed up. also if u hide the mouse cursor, people cant press the replay button.

everything blew up for no apparent reason, i thought that u were just destroying new york. at that point i thought 'there goes NY again' because new york gets a pretty raw deal in science fiction and disaster movies with it gettin blown up by nukes, severely damaged by meteors or invaded by things like giant stay puft men

anyway, ill be voting 4, coz of the sound being a bit screwed

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3.28 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2003
7:47 AM EDT
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