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I've been working on this one for a short while now, inbetween uni and work, but ive finally gotten time to finish it. I had the idea for the imagery a while ago, but only once i heard the song Obsidan by Meshuggah, i decided to finally produce the idea in flash with the song backing it.

hmmm...Maybe my next animation will actually be funny?? Well, maybe not. Lets see if i can be bothered :D

Oh, and i finally fixed the sound.


Its Ok

So i was looking for flash with meshuggah in it, and i found this. It's not bad, bud, it woulda been much better if it exploded, then a lil small planet was left behind, symbolising rebirth...just a suggestion. Good stuff, oh and a lil lil lil slow ^_^ im just being picky

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Whats the point of this?

I stopped it after the beams started shooting up.
Its boring, the music is good. But whats the point of it? I wouldn't waste my time with this unless you make it better.


I saw this a few months back. You stole it. It's not in the portal, but I know I've seen it before.

Strong stylisic elements, confusing story

Liked the open sequence a lot. Movie has a distinct visual style that is consistent throughout. The animation demonstrates excellent technique, and the music is enhances the atmosphere. Now, if I could just figure out what it's supposed to be about, I'd be happier with it. With better attention to story, this could have been an excellent entry, As it is, it is merely good.

Cool graphics

Well I really liked the scene in the begging of this, like a moonlight sonata. Great style and I loved the concept, art is great, and so is the music. It was like the calm before the storm, then the music made an rough turn and their comes a solar beam, and the city is turned into ashes. Well I didn't quite understand where this came from, were you trying too symbolize the end of the world?

Anyway sweet flash.

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3.28 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2003
7:47 AM EDT
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