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I've been working on this one for a short while now, inbetween uni and work, but ive finally gotten time to finish it. I had the idea for the imagery a while ago, but only once i heard the song Obsidan by Meshuggah, i decided to finally produce the idea in flash with the song backing it.

hmmm...Maybe my next animation will actually be funny?? Well, maybe not. Lets see if i can be bothered :D

Oh, and i finally fixed the sound.



This was awsome!Awsome animation and an awsome story!The black and white makes it look really awsome too,and the 3d effects in some parts were awsome!And awsome music!Keep up the awsome work!


something happened to the world

That was a neat way to watch the world end.

I liked it...

I dont have a fucking clue what obsidan is but the animation and music were both good, and I think i get it now...kinda. Don't listen to the other people about storyline etc. they just can't use imagination and have to have everything spelled out for them...

I don't know what you guys' problem is.

Personally I thought this was a very interesting flash. Who says it needs a storyline? Think about it, a flash like that would have been worse if it had a storyline. Better keep it simple and artistic. Which I must say it had very well done graphics. I really liked the lack of color and the simplicity of it. Think about it guys, look at the Matrix. There wasn't much storyline to the first one but look what the storyline in the second and third one did to it. Now the Matrix is a mockery of today's movies.

Its alright....

The animation is good, and you obviously have potential, but i personally just found this animation a bit lacking. No real storyline or anything. Its a nice little piece of animation, keep going, but maybe include a storyline next time.

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3.28 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2003
7:47 AM EDT
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