The Yellow Cheese

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I learned...

woah, i learnd somthing today, you can buy cheese at WalMart without going online! Damn! Seriously, this was pretty good, im not saying its bad, or its not good, it's interisting! DAMN YOU, MAN! I KEEP LEARNING FROM YOU!

*Unrelated* In my last review for Enternal Complexity, i said test in 8TH grade, i meant 6th, sorry ^_^6, and the class was a f'ed up science class! so thats why i needed it for school! Also, dude, im me some time on yahoo or aol, just send an email to staticx_enthusiast for yahoo and my AIM is on my profile.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Haha thanks.
Umm, how do people learn stuff from me? lol...
I guess the science class just had what's inside that or inside that... :P
Oh and sorry, I don't have AIM, but you can email me through my profile ;)

Well how 'bout that

Nice preloader.

Nice choice of music. But those sounds you get when you buy it coukd've been left out. Didn't like it when it collided with the music.

Pretty good graphics. Really good job with the shading.
But there is some crazy storyline here.
A dude sneaks into a supermarket, puts some biological, high-tech fluid on one bit of cheese. Another guy buys it. Chews it. Gets his head chopped of. Did tat fluid super fast cratea monster inside that guys body? a bit alien-ish.

But in overall, very good.

- Frostbreath

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Heh thanks!
Sorry about the sounds, I didn't even know how to lower the volume of it back then..
That monster thingy is actually something I made as a submission, a really douchbagy one, it was called 'The Lion Monster'. I asked good ol' Wade to delete it :D
Oh and I don't know where that monster came from lol


Well, this flash wasn't too bad, but it was interesting to see the chemical getting placed in the cheese and the next morning, some man buys that cheese, tries to eat it and dies. Now that's quite funny, but quite sick. Well, it's flash, so I like it. Nice work again and thanks for putting the Linkin Park song on the flash.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Lol, thanks!!
Actually, i never seem to success making a flash with an actual story that you can understand... Umm well im glad this one is understoodable for you, w00t!


This was very good. It's a nice Well put together flash. The Preloader was great, The Graphics were good, The music was nice, good thought out story. Could've been a bit longer. Are you going to make another, cause this sorta had a cliffhanger ending.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Lol thanks!!!
I dont think im going to make another, must be because i like to come up with something new each time rather than continue one. But who knows, maybe i will... ;D

((( HAHA )))

This was the best one in my eyes, funny decent story, ok art, it did seem abit short though, could have been somewhat longer, nice music in the backround though, overall it was decent...


carmelhadinosaur responds:

Thanks!! ^_^
The music was an instumental of Linkin Park - Forgotten remix if you're interested ;D
All of my current movies are somewhat short but well just you'll never know what the future has to offer! ;D

P.S. today: 12.7.2004

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Jul 6, 2003
3:54 PM EDT