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- See how smart you are -
Cleary this is a rather difficult mind game, but I asure you it is not possible.
Have fun trying.


pretty good

I got it on my first try. I like it. A nice game.
I do not have skills high enough to make a game like this...or do I?
Who knows?

why not??

i gave this the highest overall rating on everything, even things that don't apply becuase i find myself playing this one ALOT! and i love it.

move over snood, i have to try and make myslef smarter now!

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With some awesome graphics and audio I can see this idea getting an award. Possibly with different shapes in levels and time limits.


noce game it took me 10 times before i did it nice game all you need is music and you need to fix up the game a bit some ofthe dots dont sit in tje middle of the square but still good game next time make it a bit more original nice work

I never got the hang of this game...

I've played a few versions of this game before, and I've never gotten the hang of it...

I didn't manage to beat your game, despite having 2 goes, and I was annoyed to find that I'd have to wait again for the game to load if I wanted to retry it as the restart button doesn't work.

I reloaded the game once for a 2nd try, but couldn't be bothered after that.

Non-working restart button = 4.

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2.71 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2003
7:59 PM EDT
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