lil' guy

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Just a lil’ something that filled the gaps between sleeping, working, and getting drunk. if you like it, i may make more.


it was ok

nothing special

Somewhat interesting.

It was OK. Now, I wasn't THRILLED, but THIS is the proper use of a stick figure character. Good job. Most stick figure flashes are just totally NON GOOD, however you pulled it off. I congratulate you. But still, please be sparing with your stick figures. I hope to see some stuff from you NON STICK-RELATED.


ImmoralLibertarian responds:

actually, if you check my other movies, you'll find they have nothing to do with sticks.

i'm usualy dead against sticks myself, as 99.9% of just pure shit. it's just at the time of creating the character of 'lil' guy' i couldn't be bothered to draw his body. maybe for the next time give him better dimensions.


that was a incredibly brilliant idea, how did you come up with it? I liked the way you didnt use a name justcalled him lil guy. the only thing that erked me was he didnt have to move so slow. Muey Beuno!

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pretty cool

i liked it alright. it was amuseing, and its always funny when someone or something falls to their death. id like to see what you could come up with if you put more work into it.

Not bad

It wasn't too bad. I likedit, it was lacking a bit in the sound department. and maybe some more items from the box would have helped. Try adding some music as well. Sometimes the song is better than the animation itself. Well, keep trying.

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3.42 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2003
7:07 PM EDT
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