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It seems that some people are missing this, so:
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Don't assume this is the same as Mk1, because it isn't.
Please take a couple of minutes to explore this game before you vote... there's a lot of stuff to find.
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New Features:
• A Prize for every 6 insults you endure! Hurrah!
• An annoying alien Squeaky character! Boooo! (appears every third insult)
• A soundboard with 190+ sounds! Took friggin' ages!
• Option to 'record' and play back word sequences!
• A smattering of modern-day insults mixed in with the Shakespearean ones, to spice things up a bit!
• Rudity! (No, it's not a real word. I checked.)
• Different music! Different buttons! Different colours! Free pie!
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OK I lied about the last one.
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Don't worry, there won't be a Mk3.
Check out Girl#15, she wants you, baby!
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I hope you guys appreciate the weeks of work I put into this, I'm always pushing my Flash boundaries for your entertainment...
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Update: Thanks for your positive responses to this movie, they are appreciated.
Yippee! Portal award! A big THANK YOU to everyone who voted high
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are those really insults?

Tho I recognize the faces of those men I can't put a name to any of them. {sigh}
The sound and music is quite good and enjoyable. The insults are humorous. Quite snobbish on a few of them. What is a coxcomb BTW?
The little extras like the martain with the British lit, and the pics of the model add to the graphics quite a bit. The graphics were overall quite eye pleasing.
The sound board adds much as well.
With the nice preloader, the different things to do thru the movie, the interactivity is great.
Overall, its a good job here. I really can't think of anything you could add or do. I wish I could be more helpful there.

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hey this is about the banning

i just wanted to apologise for the postings, as i didnt read the rules. i wanted 2 e-mail u but i couldnt find ur e-mail address. anywayz sorry for the over posting of similar topics...sorry for being an idiot... lol i just wanted ppl to review my movies..or at leat 2 watch them. anywayz i thought that i should write this b4 my account gets deleted. hopfully u will read this.

oh great submition by the way

Denvish responds:

Your account won't be deleted. You were just given a cooling-off period =). My email is in my sig (Report abuse).

Glad you liked the submission...

I have been to the future now

I liked the fact you could turn on and off what ever feature you liked. I also really liked the fact you could go amd choose your own phrases.
I gave you a bouus point for that. Overall I really liked all the features you added from the first one. Great job.

Denvish responds:

Heh. Hard to get a high score out of you, isn't it? Hope you came up with some suitably insulting phrases for n00bs. Thanks for the review

xD cant stop laughing

Wow the flash insult generator of the future... Medieval style!
It was so hilarious to see what insults there were in our good old historic medieval times and it was cool the way you made staring sentances that linked to other insults, and I cant blame you for the insults being a bit bad becase hey, that was medieval dissing for ya! =P
Finally, I like the relevant music it is really cool and there are plenty of insulting options to chosoe form, and even a hekp box. All I would say is that it is rather compelx and a pageful of just text DOES seem a little daunting, maybe you should add in pictures? Other than that a hilarious flash (especially with the voice that came up when you clicked on an insult, oh man that was funny!) and probably one of the most original i have seen yet, well done :)

You,sir, have just been reviewed by

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Denvish responds:

Nah, it's a soundboard, just didn't have space for pictures on it. As you know from MkI, it started out as a generator. The tricky bit with the soundboard was the Record/Playback option, which involved creating arrays and stuff.
If I re-coded this Flash now, it would take me a lot less time than it did back then. Still, a lot of people seem to like it, so I ain't complaining.
Thanks for the review.

So, this was dissin' in medieval times.

My descendants must've used this shit to get their street creds, back then. And about the take 6 insults without cutting it off and win a prize, them was some fine ass naked women. And if any women are reading this, I'm sorry. But I'm a bachelor of 26, after all.

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Jul 5, 2003
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