Vanguard Mercenary

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=======NEW UPDATE (Oct 6, 2005)========
Just over two years later, I decided to take a half an hour and make a few tweaks to the game. I dropped 400 kb off of it, fixed a significant boss bug, and made some graphical improvements. Few people will ever see the changes, but I'm happy they're there.
=======NEW UPDATE (Oct 2, 2003)========
Finally, a new version that answers to the three main suggestions I've been receiving: easier, less lag, and a boss meter. Thanks a bunch to the beta tester of this modified version, luck_of_the_irish. He has reported that this new version is significantly smoother, so I hope everyone has a lot of fun with it. Please wait patiently while the preloader loads.

Thanks to everyone who voted generously and made me today's daily feature. The high scores list has yet to be written. Copy down your score and verification code and post them in the thread:

Thanks especially to my voice actors and actresses - Francine (LovelyArtGirl@aol.com), Tazuki Fearon, TESM, and The_Super_Flash_Bros).

This has been my only Flash project since early March, so there's a lot of work apparent, and I hope it pays off. I haven't seen any space shooters this complex around Newgrounds, so I'm hoping for Daily Feature with this one.
Thanks to everyone who supported me along the way, particulary my voice actors and actresses, and beta testers.
Information regarding the game itself is in the preloader. Happy shooting ;)
Preloader's fixed now. Sorry bout that :$

Audio credit goes to Prodigy, Daft Punk, and Chemical Brothers.



Keep up the good work neg. Can't believe i never checked out your stuff b4 :(

I really like this one

This is a great game! Deffinatly one of my favs, no doubt about it!

NegativeONE responds:

Awesome, thanks for your review. Glad some people are still coming across my old stuff these days.

Kick Ass Game

The story and unique weapons set-up gave this game my 5. This could easily become a TV Show, should you choose to write a pilot.

The only real beef I have with it, is that when you die you go back to the beginning of the dialouge. I just heard it, I don't need to hear it again! And often times I spend more time listening to what I just heard than playing, just because I suck that hard at this game. But nonetheless, you should put the respawn point AFTER the dialouge.

NegativeONE responds:

When I launch my site, I plan to release another revision of this game. Due to popular demand, dialogue will be skipped when you respawn. Thanks for your input :)

Decent game.

This is a very good shooter, there's just a few minor problems.
The ship is too unresponsive, it takes too long to fire and aim your weapons, and the manoeuverability is fairly poor.
It's not the easiest of games to get the hang of, the controls aren't natural, but I couldn't see an easier way to set them up. Perhaps an option of setting controls would be nice, that way... if the person disagrees with the controls, they have no one to blame except themselves.
It might have been better if you had an "aim up/down" rather than rotating option, that's my main suggesstion. You know, where the weapon aims at an angle 45 degrees different to normal, Super Metroid on the SNES is a perfect example of what i'm talking about.
If those few minor gripes go ignored, it still remains a great shooter, it looks and sounds brilliant (better then most), and there's lots of different weapons to play with and enemies to kill.

If only the game was easier to control, this would be one of the greatest games on newgrounds.

Great job! You earned my 5/5.

NegativeONE responds:

The unresponsiveness might be related to latency. Try running the game on lower settings to see if it's any better. Also, there actually *was* an option to set up your own control configuration. It was.. in the Options menu 0_0. Someone else suggested the Super Metroid thing too. It's actually a pretty good idea. Come to think of it, though, a few of the things you said sounded strikingly familiar, but maybe my brain's just playing tricks.
Thanks for your review.


Hood job, i haven't played einhander, but it reminds me of Darius Twin... (that's the last scrolling game i've seen with airships, :P)

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3.98 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2003
8:52 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight
  • Daily Feature July 5, 2003