Ballad of Bilbo baggins

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hm..Well i like it..its cute.


That BITCH pisses me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That LittleMissDarkness is a real bitch you know.

Aside from that great flash.

<(^_^#)> -gothic bitch

10 is perfection... 0 is shit... your 8!

I gave it a 5 because a realy liked it, and I realy wanted to help, but, from 0 to 10, being 10 perfection, your almost there!!! The lirics wore great, and de drawings wore brutal... Just simple enugh to be funny! that is something hard do achiev!

Mr. Spock, the Sci-elf-fi is very good.

What is that shit in the other review about the girl who says she is bi and that she knows you and hates you??? Is the composer of the lirycs in NEWGROUNDS? are you the composer? :P

Nice job!

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I loved it!

Ne lotr fane would love it! It's not the funniest thing ever but it has it's moments! I reccomend you watch this video cuz it is pretty entertaining!

really funny

This film is really funny, Ive read the hobbit and the song with mister spock was so cool. nice song too


I know this is a little strange but I'm not writing this to review your movie! I am trying to contact you about something I want to discuss with you. I tried emailing you twice and it bounced back. Sorry for not critiquing the flick!! Please contact me. My e-mail is in my User account. Thanks!

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2.92 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2003
7:49 PM EDT
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