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lll_An NG BBS tale 1_lll

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Hello, here comes my second movie.
This time, it DOES load, and I'm thanksfull to b33r53x for helping me. So.. {{{b33r53x}}}.
This movie features lots of regulars from the BBS. Sorry biteme, but once again, I was too lazy and tired to add you to it! I'm trully sorry.
So... I think ShitOnAStick got her points from me as I referred her on my last movey.
Greets to all people from the BBS that know me. I love you all.
Once again, thx b33r3x.
Kthx bye.
Have fun =)



There was such thing as a bbs crew? hmm, interesting to see how much these users post counts and level have changed from then to now. Cool movie.. but it isn't the greatest.

alexsmolik responds:

Meh... I was young back then. Maybe I had thought that all the people around me were like my friends and that we formed a crew because we all posted widely on the forums... You know how it is. Cyber geeks :P
Yeah it's kind of a glimpse from the past now that you think about it! I totally agree with you about this flash not being the greatest!
Thanks for the review,

Very good!

Thats very cool to see the members with their old names and lower post cound and ofcourse lower level :)
Thank you :)

alexsmolik responds:

lol, glad you liked it. Yeah, this was one of my first movies, my second actually. So it's pretty old, but nothing really old though... Just fun and stupid stuff.
Thanks for the cool review.


YOur movies dont like me it dint load again lol thanks anyway

alexsmolik responds:

What? It didn't load ? This one usually loads and has content, even though the content isn't very good, there is one ! :-)
Thanks for the review,


Sorry, but I didn't like it. The only thing that was a bit good was the drawing at the beginning. It would be nice if you could get voice acting for everyone in your movie ! And, as you said, it's only your second movie.

alexsmolik responds:

It's normal that you don't like this one. Haha, the one I'm making now is 100x better. And I'm currenlty looking for some voice acting btw.
Thanks for the review.

It was kinda funny

But still pretty shitty :P your other movies are better.

alexsmolik responds:

Yeah, this one was my second.
Shitty stuff, don't bother.
Thanks for the review.

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3.74 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2003
5:50 PM EDT
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