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It's time

rated 4.11 / 5 stars
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Jul 4, 2003 | 10:23 AM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place July 5, 2003

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

if u dont want to watch nudity look at the rating

holy shit yo snow wass up wit dat lame shit.... if u dont want to see nudity look beside the fucking rating...jesus christ man... u put down illwillpress because its porn... countless people have wanted to see germain nekid and none have frome ill so dont call it porn. dont diss people for gettin good ranks when all they do is submit a flash. u act like they choose there own rank.u take the small guys side but remember its no victory for the small guy if they dont get past the key players (a victory without competition is no true victory).and if tell the auther to stop submittin instead of telling him things u wish he would do don't review.... enough with frost... im not particularly a fan of mario but u lost what points u had when he whipped his dick out...sick man ewwww...i suggest more jokes in the middle and work with matching the sound with the animation... you do good work and i hope u keep it up(not with mario).so in the traditional scarface exit... fuck u, fuck u, your cool, fuck u, im out


Rated 4 / 5 stars


This cartoon did'nt make me laugh, but I could'nt help but to smile. It was predictable but it was entertaining. good shit, and after reading the other reviews i was shocked to see how snow master reacted to the freakin sexual implications of the film. shit man hav u seen "the malevolents 2" the whole damn thing is a sex clip but none has threatned to blow the whistle on that piece of shit, and it got a 3.70! At least this movie was meant for humor, it wasnt a big sex scene with a vampire thats nips are to big "the malevolents 2"


Rated 5 / 5 stars

You are Golden

Every work you do is hillarious and well done, continue this series, it looks interesting

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A 14 yr old male who doesn't like porn. wierd.

I was impressed with your movie. I liked the drawings and especially the backgrounds. To tell the truth I got bored and quit before it was finished but I still think was good. If there was porn unfortuntely I missed it. If there was I would have watched It. Im 18 and I see no problem with you putting porn on the site as long as you say its porn so that I can watch the entire thing instead of quiting half way. Thank you. It was really hard to decript what the guy before me said, but I don't see why he was so mad. If your a 14 yr old male and you like porn maybe you should be at Heh


Rated 0 / 5 stars

You no i hate u!

i got beef whit u and illwillpress!ur movies are only porn shows damn it they suck!and how come u get hight score for a crapy movie like that dude rll all i see is mariothemonkey portal king illwillpress portal king im not jeaolous im just pissed off becuz other ppl diserve to be king like tsum 8 bit anmators like tfl or tfc or what ever i hate this and all ur movies + i hate illwillpress cuz u all suck u should work on voice if people would just lisend to ppl like me instead of jerking off whit ur dumb cartoons they would vote sum 1 else great points u have animation tho but still all there is to ur movie is mario a horny magget and all that sleep whit babes and he is fucking dumb cmon lay low mn other ppl deserve the award now its illwillpress next month you then press u press u press cmon the soul reason why ppl watch this its not cuz animation are good or its funny its the porn!porn a a site where horny teens watch this and wen there caught there grounded u no next time i c on of ur gay ass porn flicks il blow thewhistle for porn if there is sum cuz dude porn not alode hear!so dude watch out cuz im gona blow the whistle if i catch u cuz its a portal violation to sumbmite porn and there is one part of nudity i will blow whitsle if i catch u say lay low so good ppl can be king!that abouts wraps it up and ppl if u say snow ur fucking dumb and bla bla FUCK YOU cmon if sum one says good u dont care if sumones says bad u all say fuck you (and more pms resonse)so fuck u all and ur babby comments cuz all u want from this guy is is T&A from is movie if ur to dumb to no what that means it is Tits and Ass soo fuck u all u horny maggets!peace out!