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you are very talented
maybe you could have used that talent to make a more interesting submission

however this is simply a 3d object that rotates
not bad but not very good either
needs more

Needs more to it

So for a movie submission, This had its good and bad parts. For the most part, the good out-weighed the bad, so it was an movie entry I would recommend to others in an instant, It was a simple submission / movie but still enjoyed what you have here. Hmm so this was sort of interesting, this little "LOOP" may not seem like much but its still entertaining its a small nice visual, some more effort could be done, like give some more visuals and such, or some random movie based on the nifty loop, but it was pretty good i thought. What's also amazing is how there are so many good elements in this, yet it isn't a very complicated movie entry, I will say that I am You just never knew what was going to come up next in this.

This was actually not bad, but could use a few things, to spice it up somewhat, so below i have suggested some positive advice some new ideas and even some old ideas. Add some depth and some more nifty visuals. needs more basis, more depth, needs some sort of random movie in the middle somehow.


not much of a movie, but a cool loop, and a good show of animation skills anyway. Did you make it just with flash or did you use another program with more 3d capabilities.


Well, the first thing I thought when I saw this was "wow, this is a pretty good preloader." Alas, that was the actual flash, which was little more than an animation test really. That being said, it was cool to watch, as the DNA was well drawn and it was animated quite nicely. Stil, the lack of sound hurt thisflash quite a bit, among other things. You at least know how to make good preloaders though.


Okay there wasn't really any sort of point to this but here..

Graphics-There were some good graphics but not perfect.

Style-It's a DNA thing. There's really no style to it.

Sound-Wasn't any so I give you a zero.

Violence-None yet again next time add either violence or humor.

Interactivity-Still yet another time that I have to say none.

Overall-It could have been made into something good that people actually want to see and want to watch. It's 3D squares going up and down. There's no humor there's no violence there's nothing. Aside of good graphics that was all that was there, If you disagree well then that's your opinion not mine but I still yet think that this sucks and it very well has the right to be blammed and I hope it does get blammed. Should have saved some time from not submitting this.

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1.70 / 5.00

May 17, 2000
12:39 AM EDT
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