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American Gump

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As no one liked the pre-loader movie I have made a nice simple small one for you Cable and ISDN line guys who get pissed off for no reason. Thank you for your reviews....ive also fixed the gun scene


Not bad, but lip synching is still off!

This was a nice parody on "Forrest Gump", which was a pretty sad movie to watch! I especially cracked up at the part where Forrest is running from the hitmen! LOL! However, the lip synching STILL doesn't seem to match the voices! Oh well. As I just said on your "Star Wars - Darth Sings" movie, it could be because of my computer! (But again, I AM using a Pentium IV! ARRGH!) Still, good movie!

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darthnebula responds:

Yeah I made this like 10 years ago, what I did not know at the time is that you have to stream your sound for it to sync...sad really

I was never too crazy about the real forest

Forest Gump really was a dumbass. A bullet to the brain making him smart I would believe. You did a great movie I enjoyed it.


you genius and hot be-atch.

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Nice way of mixing the two up

It wasn't a bad parody but it had many flaws. First off, the sound, sometimes you couldn't hear forest talking because ethier the quality was low or he stumbled upon his own accent. And sometimes the sound fx were too loud.
The graphics were decent but more fluid animation could've boosted it up. Also the plot was o.k., though some parts were retarted. But it got a couple of chuckles out of me.
Overall it was an okay movie.

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If youre going to make a parody at least make a good one. Somewhere Kevin Spacey is feeling a sharp pain in his ass. i dont understand the moderately high score on this entry, i thought it was pathetic. sorry.

darthnebula responds:

You realy are retarded arnt you.......the main character wasn kevin spacy it was forest gump, this move was a cross between the two. THe reson it has a high entery is becuse other people are smart where as you are obviously in some form of vegtable state, know what you are tlaking about before you right a review jack ass

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3.23 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2001
5:38 PM EST
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