Sunday School 04

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Ms. Doyle gets bit by a zombie and now the class have to deal with her before they turn into Michael Bolton.

Sunday School Episode Fun Fact #1: This Halloween episode was released on July 4th, to celebrate Kwanzaa!

Sunday School Episode Fun Fact #2: Zomboid & Kyle of Eric's "Zomboid & Kyle Trilogy" guest appear in this episode.

Sunday School Episode Fun Fact #3: This episode is one of many alternate Sunday School timelines... one where the whole class become zombies for the rest of their afterlives.


matt groening?


every episode there are just more and more.

but at least it shows you have good taste. Simpsons pwns.
Anyway i only gave it a 6 cause i didnt like it as much as the others

EricSullivan responds:

As I've been a fan of The Simpsons since I was a kid and it's influenced me in a lot of ways, I'm of course going to have some of their jokes floating around in my head, and I'm of course going to put those jokes in without my noticing. It's a habit that's been very hard to break for me...


what the hell did that have to do with the 4th of july?

EricSullivan responds:

I like you. :)

your movie fukin kick ass

i luv this series

Funny #### dude!

That was funny how instead of pea it was blood. Well now i have to go watch the rest of these.

Great stuffits, my main mofo..it:)

Extra For Sunday School 3: To Monkey Nuggets:
If you can do better, then let's see you do so. Also, I went to sunday school a LONG time ago & some of the girls there had boobs....albeit smaller ones.

To RingFinger: As of last year, drawings of CP is no longer illegal. I don't care much for it, but that doesn't mean that Eric can't use it in his flash.....if he choose to do so, that is.

All who complained about Ep. 3's pee joke being lame are probably those who haven't watched a single South Park episode, and are therefore lame themselves.

To Eric on Ep 4: Zygote is right, on the Simpsons Treehouse Of Terror(One of em'), Homer kills flanders when he tries to eat his brain. And bart and/or lisa says something like "You Killed Zombie Flanders" and Homer says "Flanders was a zombie?" Lolz.:)
To Recon438: Get a life then, and go watch Sesame Street or somethin'. Wusses like you make me wanna' hurl......on your mama.:P

We're not sick, it's so called "normal" people who are truly sick.....in trying to make the rest of us like them.

Great stuff Eric, and the preview at the end was sweet.

Ta-BEE 1.2.3
Waiting to see someone else get killed in the next ep.:)

EricSullivan responds:

I've watched that "Treehouse of Horror" episode recently, and you're right.
Must have slipped into my mind when I was writing it, being the episode was about zombies, and "The Simpsons" being a great show and all.

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Jun 30, 2003
2:03 AM EDT
Comedy - Original