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Skateboarding:The basics1

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Jun 29, 2003 | 5:03 PM EDT

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Author Comments

I'm busy with tutorial 2, it will have more information and pictures in it.
This is a skateboarding tutorial, here you'll see how to : ollie, powerslide and 50-50 Grind. Tutorial 2 is coming !!! PLS vote fairly !

Greetz: MadClock



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

gnarly music chioce!

the music was rad


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


waiting for number 2 lol (not really). for some reason i dont think its coming... no big loss ey!i know how to skate but i dont, so dont have a hissy at me like u did with those other people. i think that animation is a humongous thing to have considering that its one of the main things on the site so that is one of the big reason you have been paid out so much. and also its not helpful enough... try harder next time i guess and if you ever do another skating tut. DO NOT PUT ROLLERBLADING IN ITS GAY! cheers

Sadoke responds:

I stopped skating for over a year ago actually (shame):$ But occasionally I do step on my mate's board.

Anyways about the (upcoming) tut. => I started it, it had alot more interactivity in it, alot more animation. But as I was making it, I thought the best way to learn how to skate is to actually skate... Not by watching a dumb tutorial. I decided to quit the second tut., and go skate that moment. That was more than a year ago actually.

As to the previous replies I gave; i hated bad comments :p


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That sucked.

That was a bad explanation of how to do tricks, and that wasn't a powerslide it was pivot. And don't call me a "faker" or a "poser" becuase 1: you've never seen me skate amd 2: appartly you can't land your kickflips.

Sadoke responds:

All the guys used to call it a powerslide here. So don't blame me, blame the ones that told me ! :P

1; I'm not...
2; Apparently you haven't seen me skate either... ;)


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


when you were reviewing ollieing it was gay, and a bad example, one his ollie rocketed and two you made it so he left the board in air... two that 50 50 was gay cuz you were in full pads(lol, you were doing a 50-50) and cuz you didnt show how to do it for all those people you were trying to help, but since i watched this just because i wanted to see any flash skateing i was humored cuz by the looks of it you suck at skateing, but at least your not one of those posers who make skateing flashes and dont skate...

Sadoke responds:

Right. If you would use capitals and better punctuality, I'd understand you.
You may have a point there, but as you're trying to be tough, i'm not even going to answer ;).


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I don't know... ive been skating for a long time and it seems like the advice your giving is nothing more than what you could learn by just watching a skate video.. or going outside and actually skating, instead of sitting on newgrounds.. i like the effort but i just generally didnt like it.. last thing; you really need a preloader

Sadoke responds:

Yeah, but when the weather is bad, and you don't have any skatemovie's you haven't seen yet. This might come in handy. I know, a preloader...