OutRun: Version 9.0

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This is the Version 9.0. The full version is coming out in a couple of days. This concept is new for me and i think im going to make a couple of these OutRun Games. I hope to send them in. This version has:
Level 1
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3 (Boss)
Level 2
Stage 1
Stage 2 (Boss)
Level 3 will be coming out in a couple of days.

So i hope you life the game play fo it and enjoy it!!!

Thanx Greg
a.k.a. DaFlasher


not bad

overall this really isn't a bad game in fact i kinda liked it too easy thogh

Decent shooter

This is really not a bad game at all, though it's pretty samey and pretty basic throughout.
It's good that there's more than one level too play. That's a plus!
The graphics were pretty simple, they could have been better.
The sound was alright as well, nothing spectacular, but it was there.
If this was released now, it would have trouble passing judgment due to the current standards. but for what it is as it is, it's decent enough. 3/5!

Alright shooting game

Not a bad game, but it's awfully samey and pretty basic. It's good there's more than one level. Graphics were simple and could have been better, couldn't tell on the sound as my speakers have gone feral. Now it doesn't look too good but back when it was released it would have looked better.


Everything was bad,EXEPT the script...itr was great...when level 3 comibng out

All rite, i guess

Not bad. funny

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2.49 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2001
12:57 PM EST
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