Final Fantasy 6 Blitzball

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Well, it's my first flash animation.
I couldn't be bothered putting effort into the background...
The point is about the humor anyway, not really the game.

Rob Foor's Final fantasy Trilogy influenced me to make this animation, so be sure to check that if you liked this animation.

EDIT: Incase you're wondering, I will be making the second half.


Yay, Blitzball!

That's it, I can't watch any more, seeing the scores at 1-2 is enough for me. As much as I liked playing the Blitzball game on Final Fantasy, hold on a minute, its nearly finished, half time. Because this was kind of funny, I did watch some more of it, although the graphics were incredibly bad, if you were to improve them if you made a sequel, then that would be a great start. Also what was with the dog dying? I can't believe it happened. So out of curiosity, how did you make this video, watch programs did you use. Now even though I felt this wasn't as good as it could have been, I'm giving it 8.10, mainly because it made me laugh and I found it iunny.

Very nice, apart from one thing...

Okay, first off, Kefka humping the post... <shudders>

Now that that's out of the way:
I loved it. Very funny, although I do have to wonder how the chocobo survived underwater. Then again, none of them have Blitzball training, so none of them should be able to stat underwater like that. Ah well, logic can take a hike. Humour is the one that resides here. Please do the second half soon!

This is Awsome

I love it. This is great.

Axl's review

It's an awesome submission very funny too but you could fix the sounds a little bit

can't wait for the secong half


the spriting wasnt too bad but it couldve been better the backrounds were rubbish (i know you said they would be)but the music was really annoying you shouldve stuck with otherworld its WAY better.
Altogether it wasnt that great but was good for a first try

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Jun 28, 2003
5:40 PM EDT
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