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Final-est Fantasy Ep. 1

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**Updated** Somepeople were saying that this episode was too short lacking characters and background so I added a little of everything and still managed to make the file smaller that it had been. Again music from FFII for Gameboy and sprites from a cool website dedicated to FF1 stuff. So watch, vote, review and then check out the History of Useless Ninja in my drop-down list. Oh yeah and this is a tribute to 8-bit theatre 'cause some people were confused about that aspect of it.


(title in work)

Well it wasn't too bad. Not much of a storyline, though we get to see a little bit about the characters for the rest of the series. I'm a bit surprised with when this ended. I thought it would be at least a little longer and get into some sort of storyline. Now really what we have to look forward in the next episode is the background changing!


it was funny but it wasent very eventful.

2 better be better

i hope that #2 is better and has more music,violence,humor,graphics.

could have been a lot better.

Come up with maybe your own thing... 8 bit is great but we already have it so try something at least a little different... barring that the music was good in the begining then it was to bland because there was none during the movie. it wasnt anything special but it def could be a lot better... I am going to check out the other two and i hope you come back and remake this one if the other two are better

Too unoriginal...

Why is it that whenever I see a Final Fantasy sprite-based flash these days with characters from FF1, Fighter is always a light-hearted fool who hangs around the cynical and sarcastic Black Mage who has the hots for White Mage and so on and so forth? Why not make these characters different from their 8-Bit Theater incarnations? This was too unoriginal for me and the visuals weren't much to look at.

Whack-a-mole responds:

I now agree. Now that I go back and watch this I realize how horrible this was. But I still enjoy the last 2 in the series. Thanks for the comments though.

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2.96 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2003
2:37 AM EDT
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