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The Portal - A Message

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This movie delivers the message that most of us think when we look at the portal these days, before there was so much intentional crap on the portal, those were the days.

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Funny to see a flash from the days when an 800kb file could screw up the servers bandwidth.

A good message, regardless of quality...

What really gets me is the fact that people post their average and worst work here. For me, that is what places without voting systems (i.e. DeviantArt) are for- there you can get plenty of help learning how to draw a circle and use the text tool correctly. On THIS website, which is designed specifically to isolate the scum from the fun, keep your 'test runs' and 'mai fierst flaush fielm' projects out, as you will only get discouraged and blammed (something no artist should have to encounter, I warrant). Please, as an amateur animator myself (if that), keep your 'attempts' and 'trials' off unless you plan to update them within the next few days, as we don't want to see them. It's best to wait until you are done and have gone through several versions (as well as received much advice from fellow animators around the interwebs) before submitting. I have fought claw-and-tooth against the 'anti-animator' movement (i.e. when people purposefully post their garbage and all support each other's garbage), but it's clear neither Newgrounds nor most of its inhabitants wish to agree with me that garbage leads to more garbage.

Our standards are sinking, Newgrounds, will you all go down with them? I don't care if there really were 'golden days' or not when every flash was quality... even if the 'golden days' are our archetypal Camelot, that's more than enough to look forward and backwards at.

And if you are new to Newgrounds, I advise you to study well in the tutorials section and come up with something quality before posting... I would recommend studying the ways of Flash for a good month or two before attempting to put anything up. There are good people here that will give you advice, but you can't expect them to be nice if you are new person no. 47 of the day with first flash no. 32 of the day.

Irony at its best...

Well as Tom cited in his review the crappy films really aren't relevant when it comes to bandwidth space. Also I consider it ironic the flash meant to satire and even criticize less experienced flash creators and the mediocre flashes they conceive on their numerous first attempts is just as bad as the flashes you hate. Had their not been a message behind this flash (an obscure quality on Newgrounds) it would be categorized with all the other 'trash' on the Portal. Honestly you just need to cut new flash makers a break, you can't expect an inexperienced users to live up to your standards for flash making especially considering you've been an active member of the Newgrounds community and portal for so long. What it really means to be a Newgrounds veteran in my opinion is to have tolerance and patience towards newer members.


HAHAHA! That was hilarious!


love the ff7 cid highwind music =p

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2.97 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2001
7:56 PM EST