harrypotter 2 parody 2

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well, i'm back and with a new flash cartoon of hp and the chamber of secrets. i know that this movie was so last christmas but i was just reminded that after book 5 was released, i remembered this flash i made 3 months ago and i decided to put it here. well, the sounds still sucks but i tried my best to fix it. i hope this won't dissapoint viewers. i also added music from linkinparks new album. i dunno if this will fit the movie but just see it and tell me what you think. oh yeah, if you hate harry potter, please leave now cause i know yer gonna treat this movie like dirt and write shit in the commments. (but i know you'll still do it) for the rest of us, watch and enjoy, hp and the chamber of secrets parody 2. (wow, quite a long title, eh?)



omfg, that was the funniest movie i have seen in years. you, my freind, are unveiling a huge talent. u know computer, flash, and you have an amazing sense of humor and imagination that the rest of us could only dream of! keep up the good work man.


LOL FUNNIER THAN THE LAST ONE!!! i love this crap that makes fun of HP. i am half-half (hate love) and i found this hella-funny. make so much more of HP parodies, i love the first one "mr bigglesworth NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" and dobby (i hated that freak ever since the begining). gj man.

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EXCELLENT GRAPHICS! very inspirational for other flash animators like me... gets me wanting to make my own harry potter movie

breaking the habit TONIGHT!

that was cool the music was the best part tho. GO LINKIN PARK!!! and Harry P is cool whoever be dissin aint too legitamite. anyway u pwnz and yeah.

i told you brfore

wicked just like the first part of this

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Jun 24, 2003
5:56 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody