Kill Old Man from Zelda!!

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You remember the OLD MAN from the game zelda? He would give you weapons, but most of the time he would turn you down and tell you that you had to go do something else before he gave you good stuff. Didn't that piss you off? Didn't you just want to kill him?

So did I, but it wouldn't let you kill him. In fact, sometimes if you tried to hit him, the fires next to him would shoot you with fireballs.

Well, I've just created this "game" that LETS YOU KILL THE OLD BASTARD! Check it out, it's got all the original graphics and sounds from ZELDA!


I hate the old guy

I hate the old guy and i find that fun! Killed by an old woman wantin to make love with him? Hillarious!! graphics could have been better, but HEY, u dont see me doin any better! All in all, a fun game ot paly on a rain day!

it was

good, but not great


This was a great game! Funny and violent, indeed. Keep up your good work and produce more good-quality games like this one!

Very Amusing ^^'

I look foward to a series of death-to-annoying-CPU characters.

^^' Good Job.

- DarkPuppet

*wicked laughter*

(To the author) Justified, indeed. That old man deserves to die. He made me work for the weapons instead of just selling them to me! That's cheap! He shot me in the game when I kept hurting him! The whole thing in that current NES game was so unjust! I love the chicken part. *laughs hard* You hit him with a chicken? That's silly. I smiled when I let the old lady smerp him. If the old man says it's cruel to make love to an old woman, well, no duh. (To the old man) Get over it, old man, if you don't like the old lady! (To the author) Since I used all those weapons on that old coot, I gave you all 10's for that! And this reminds me of the dog on Duck Hunt, except worse. I feel better from that stress release, Mockery. Thank you for making this. I was looking forward to kill the old jerk. 10/10

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Jan 20, 2001
6:38 PM EST
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  • Daily Feature January 21, 2001