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A hardware store clerk and customer have a super neato conversation reguarding cement!?

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Yeah, I admit that this could have been longer too. It was still pretty interesting. I really wasn't expecting that punchline. I was mostly confused as to why this was listed under "Adult". It obviously made sense at the end. The animation was alright.

I don't like how my page is now surrounded by porn. This is really hardcore stuff! The actual cartoon wasn't much. Well, it was kind of a funny joke. I'm just not a fan of yours.


"The pace and timing of the flash could have been much longer"

Nihilisic humor generally has abrupt endings. If it was long it would ruin the point.

"than it was and because of it's small length and effortless quality it's not all that special to replay."

It's 20 seconds long. Why not review it?

"The background could have used more detail or the character designs actual colour."

The simplicity of the background compliments the simplicity and absurdness of the joke itself. A complex or realistic artwork would not be neccesary in this case


Classic, sick, and thought provoking. The beginning of Marc M, and the beginning of the new wave of shock and absurdist internet comedy.

Oh I so saw that coming from a mile away

In other words I laughed like an idiot at the end and thats all that matters at the moment. Oh and it also occured to me this was the cartoon that started it all right? No wait. Damn I forgot ah well keep making more Mr.ROmeo or whatever your name is.


i gess it was ok i mean i got the sea-ment 1 but out of the blue..."suk my dik".....but ill give it a ten.

Top Notch

Man, I gotta say... hardware store clerks give the best head... all gummi and what notttt