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Otomite Clock Is BANNED!!

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Your Prayers have been answered Otomite Clock Really is BANNED!
I think you will love this movie :)

Thank you in advance for watching the movie. I spent a while on the text effects and all. The text effects are hard to do so please vote fairly and not on my past works thank you.

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Review: maybe I'm just not in the special loop... maybe I'm just ignorant... maybe I haven't got a freaking clue what the hell that was... I don't like to give critical reviews, but I am honest with what I feel, and I feel that dogs don't make sh*t like this... I mean... What was the clock thing about??? What was the Strawberry thing in there??? Why does it have AIDS??? HOW does it have AIDS??? IT'S A FREAKING STRAWBERRY!!!! And did it bleed on the dot or was that supposed to be bodily fluids...?...from a Strawberry???
Listen, I don't like to give critical reviews, I am honest, and I am a prick. Dude, Whatever town you live in needs to educate people about produce. If they choose not to do such a thing, I feel they should put that money towards getting the Special Olympics. It looks like they would have home field advantage and you could be the Mascot. Keep Dreaming, and Keep riding that short bus to glory buddy... Don't let your helmet slip off while riding...

Oh, you youngsters. Otomite Clock was a member of the Clock Crew back in '03. He was banned for spam.

what is this?

i hate giving bad reviews, but this is possibly the worst ever. this is a waste of space and time. i saw your point though. we should pay more attention to flying strawberries with clocks on them. also, you should delete that mail to save yourself the heartbreak. maybe a cool song would help it, so we wouldn't have to really pay attention to your primitive animation. i apologize for my harsh critisisms, but it couldn't be helped...


Traitor. I wouldn't be surprised if you were Otomite himself.


Way to rub it in,hahaha