Final Fantasy Barry

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Welcome to my latest version of the Final Fantasy saga. This full game contains a World Map with 5 unique locations, a complex battle system, a fantastic storyline/characters, and the soundtracks from earler popular versions of Final Fantasy. Enjoy!

*UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys to move across.
*Click on buildings to enter.

*Use mouse to click on Selection panel below

You CANNOT heal in battle, you have to go to your rest-house (the place you start off at). It takes 6MP to heal... but you get 12 from battle! You can also gain Strength/Magic-UP's here for 24MP, and HP-UP's for 12MP. These don't incrase the enemie's stats if you buy them, so you can become stronger than the opposition much easier.



not bad. you must've put effort into this. not good graphics, but it pretty much at least houses the look of the game for people. good style. the sound annoyed me, so i turned off my speakers. blowing enemies away with guns is fun. any game is interactive unless if it is clicking a button. i have dry humor, or the sense of wanton violence. its not that bad....good job mate. my 6 points out a few improvements. the battles werent that much harder. and the "magic points" were used to rest and all....as well as magic. please modify this in ffbarry3. im having trouble with the excessevily long battles. they arent harder.....they take more time. as for me, magic is useless. but enough said.


This would be a lot better if the graphics were slightly good i'd also prefer to have the real characters in the game

Not too bad..

Not too bad. I think you should check in your battles if the health is less than 1 (or less than or equal to 0) instead of checking if it's just equal. I had -15 in a battle, and I was still fighting.

wat the f@#$?!?!?!?

i geuss ill stick to kingdom hearts on my ps2

Final Fantasy Barry Review.

It was a very good game that I enjoyed a lot.

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3.72 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2003
7:30 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG