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Final Fantasy Barry

rated 3.72 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Jun 17, 2003 | 7:30 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Welcome to my latest version of the Final Fantasy saga. This full game contains a World Map with 5 unique locations, a complex battle system, a fantastic storyline/characters, and the soundtracks from earler popular versions of Final Fantasy. Enjoy!

*UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys to move across.
*Click on buildings to enter.

*Use mouse to click on Selection panel below

You CANNOT heal in battle, you have to go to your rest-house (the place you start off at). It takes 6MP to heal... but you get 12 from battle! You can also gain Strength/Magic-UP's here for 24MP, and HP-UP's for 12MP. These don't incrase the enemie's stats if you buy them, so you can become stronger than the opposition much easier.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This really does freakin' own!

That game was really good, better than my attempt at a final fantasy game! check it!

I think that the load screen is pretty poor! I had to wait like a minute for something cool to happpen! you did not allow for the needs of people with broadband! it was at bloody 100% fool!

BazzMann responds:

Yeah, I rule, don't I Raphael? I sure did kick your arse! I mean, granted you are a pretty great Flash artist, but compared to me, you don't deserve the space you took up in my review's section, do you? Eh? What a loser! (Only joking, thanks for the review man - and hey, f*** you about the loadscreen, I make do with 56K, so should you¬!)


Rated 5 / 5 stars


yo this game is mad awesome dude! it freaking owns! yo dude i wish there were more games like this one cause this one rocks

BazzMann responds:

I do have to admit... I do freaking own... maybe I should use those powers for good, like Superman or God...


Rated 3 / 5 stars

This just dosn't rock my world...

Just because you made an RPG dosn't mean you can call it Final Fantasy. WHOOPIE! Only two of the games gave you guns. Im sorry, but this dosn't have much to do with the Fantasy at all. Storyline wise and make the characters look damn better then that.

BazzMann responds:

Cool, but may I ask did you complete the game? If you did, you'd see the whole FF-style I was going for. But thanks for the decent review... I like your "Whoopie" - very comical. Also, if you can complain about my movie, don't diss the In-battle characters... sorry, but they just ROCK! Anyways... cheers!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's a good game and all

but something is seriously wrong when I finish a game with over 222,000hp. There should be hp limits for the character and the enemies because each fight lasted like twenty rounds. The hp bonus was the only helpful stat change. No matter what the character always had the same attack strength as the enemies so every battle was "smacking each other with the same attack until the one with less hp dies." The guns: useless. Except for the bullet exchange, which was funny because I ended up with 500 mp. If you fixed some minor things it would be a better game.

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BazzMann responds:

All good ideas, I was thinking of HP limits as well. However you are wrong, wrong, WRONG on the part about Enemy Stat changes... if you only 'train up' through battle, you AND your enemy gain HP, Str and Mag point increases semi-randomly. However if you save up your MP as much as possible, go to your House at the start point, you can buy those stats to add to yourself without improving the enemy. This allows you to be stronger and win much quicker - i.e. very helpful! Anyways, thanks for a good review


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Some problems

In FF games your enemies hit points dont go up when you level up.Enemies come less.Towns are closer.And the graphics are different as well you get teammates.If you had this in your game I didnt get to it because its too many battles and they get harder and harder.

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BazzMann responds:

Oh yeah, by the way, in FF8, enemy HP DOES increment as you do.... and in this game, you can increase your HP beyond the enemie's by going to your house and 'buying' it... Anyways, there is a gigantic FLEE button if you find a battle hard/time-consuming,and you can flee from any battle. Once you train up a bit, go and fight the bosses, which are the only enemies with stationary stats, I.E if you level up enough, you can beat them very easily. That way you can see my fantastic endings!