School Fight Ep. 1

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Zero & Megaman get a new Teacher, who will it be ???
come on, don`t vote 0 !!!

Update : ok, i know that the grammar Sux Ass, but you know, i`m a 13 year old boy from Holland !!!!!
don`t expect that it`s PERFECT or something.
i know that the spelling sux, but come on, give me a break.
don`t vote 0 becuz only the grammar sux ass.
becuz this movie has more story than "some" movies on newgrounds.
"some" movies on newgrounds just...are pointless.
this has a little story, but come on, the next part will be much and much better !!!!!
12:00 AM at night, that`s just a lame joke.
not funny.
if you don`t like it, don`t vote !

please don't vote "sorry dude but this shit is gay " or something....just review whit tips i can use for my next movies !


not that bad

hey i got a quest ion after u dowload that 30day trial and it expires do u haev to pay? other than that its not that bad

Dear GOD

What a travesty. I don't know whether you speak English because your spelling and grammar is POOR, its WE'RE late, not WHERE late, and THEIR not THERE you muppet. And wtf is 'I wonder how our teacher looks like' supposed to mean? Why the hell would they be going to school at 12am anyway!? (MIDNIGHT-even though it was clearly daytime in the 'scene')

Better luck next time pal


This was pretty bad. The humor was stale, and the whole video seemed pretty much pointless.


Ok a big problem i see is movies like these that are of some length but don't deserve to be, if you didn't drag it on so much it would have been 5 seconds, i mean its such a draged on waste of time, why did that take so long to load?? what really happend, i mean it was just text draged on and on to make a long movie, waste of time!


It was just a intro nothing more. Too short.

Final-Stick666 responds:

okey thnx for the tip

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1.57 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2003
1:04 PM EDT
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