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*UPDATE: everybody wanted subtitles, so you've got em. I haven't proof checked them yet, so if you see any errors please leave comments, or AIM me (mindlesspuppet).

*UPDATE (YES another what, this makes like 5 in one day), I fixed the screeching audio problem. And audio is just all around better quality.

After watching Foamy fanmail, I decided to make a parody of it. However I was not even going to attempt to do Foamy's voice. So instead I used iwillpress himself... aww, isn't he cute....

Anyhow, everything was made from scratch, right down to the lil skulls in the preloader. So nothing was copied.

The "Of Doom" thing, is something I decided to use from Funktasic's "Neurotically Whored" (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=100035). The cookies, and a painting in the background are two more references to Neurotically Whored as well.

Anyhow, if you aren't familiar with Neurotically Yours this will make little to no sense to you. If you are a psychopathic fan of NY, please at least watch this first before voting. (Part Of The Ironically Yours series)

*On a quick side note, there was BG music, but since it really only added to file size I removed it.

*UPDATE: Preloader works properly


10% funny, 90% bullshit

I love how you made IllwillPress move everywhere, even behind the posters.

I don't remember what else was funny, it was way too long, and all the funny jokes were lost in all the bullshit you're trying to pull on Neurotically Yours' fans.

Didn't you actually realise that the people who blamed IllWillPress actually had WORSE spelling (MUCH WORSE) than the fans ?

Plus, I don't see why an author HAS to respond to these thousands of same morons on a site that isn't even his. So he posts his movies here so that people can see them (omg, it has his adress at the end, like all other movies), does that mean he must anwser all these jackasses who can't spell "You suck" or "You rule" without making 3 mistakes by word ?

Anyway, I've lost enough time already. All the "valid" points you made against IllWillPress can easily be defended.

OMG do I hate NY!

Oh man is this funny, if a little long, Neurotically Yours totally sucks for so many, many reasons, number 1 being that it's a direct crib of something else. Anyway it's so true that the stupidist shit gets high scores, (like NY, Mario the Monkey, and that stupid ass raver-kid series that I cant remember the name of) Dude, I'll send you like, uh, ten bucks to make parodies of those, that would be sweet.
Good Job.

Very good! HAHA!!

I thought the same thing -- this flash is getting really long, but that was the general idea. Also funny is that IllWill couldn't come up with a good response to the last letter (in the flash) -- showing his inexperience in the field. Neurotically Yours is horribly overrated, poorly animated and not very original, but this movie made me laugh at least 15 times noticing all the similarities between it and some of the stuff that Illwill pulls. Bonus points were given because many people who love the series do write with grammar that would give any English professors nightmares for a week or longer! I nearly fell out of my chair from laughing so hard at the scathing nature (yet so true) about the entire series! This deserves to make Top 5. It won't because too many NY fans will get disappointed but I loved it.

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Not that I'm encouraging bashers...

But at least you actually had the guts to use your actual name, unlike that COCKSUCKING BASTARD THIEF masquerading around as illwillpress. The movie felt overly drawn out even considering the fact you meant it to. However, I do have one question. If people hate Neurotically Yours or any other series, why do they keep coming back and watch the damn movies and that goes for other hated series as well.

PS The far left picture was just wrong and to the idiot NuclearOops, goths, as a majority do not worship Satan and are not necrophiliacs, so... GO TO FUCKING HELL AND SUCK LUCIFER'S DICK! Thank you.

mindlesspuppet responds:

We keep coming back because it's kind of hard to miss a series that makes #1 daily choice ritualistically. And for a split second we think "Hey maybe it will be cool again", and then we watch it and are both disgusted and insulted by the radically high score.


this was great. Not many flash movies on NG make me laugh out loud, but this one did.

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Jun 16, 2003
12:44 PM EDT
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