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*UPDATE: everybody wanted subtitles, so you've got em. I haven't proof checked them yet, so if you see any errors please leave comments, or AIM me (mindlesspuppet).

*UPDATE (YES another what, this makes like 5 in one day), I fixed the screeching audio problem. And audio is just all around better quality.

After watching Foamy fanmail, I decided to make a parody of it. However I was not even going to attempt to do Foamy's voice. So instead I used iwillpress himself... aww, isn't he cute....

Anyhow, everything was made from scratch, right down to the lil skulls in the preloader. So nothing was copied.

The "Of Doom" thing, is something I decided to use from Funktasic's "Neurotically Whored" (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=100035). The cookies, and a painting in the background are two more references to Neurotically Whored as well.

Anyhow, if you aren't familiar with Neurotically Yours this will make little to no sense to you. If you are a psychopathic fan of NY, please at least watch this first before voting. (Part Of The Ironically Yours series)

*On a quick side note, there was BG music, but since it really only added to file size I removed it.

*UPDATE: Preloader works properly


oh the humanity!

god damn, that suked!
You tried but failed missreably to be funny.

Made some damn good points.

Was the best parody of illwill I've seen and made the best points against the neurotically yours series. But could have been a bit shorter.

Total Crap

Ive seen alot of bad animations on this site, sticks, clocks, 5 year olds poasting something thats a bunch of really bad crap put together, but this animation was one of the worst. I Mean sure you have decent graphics but my god man could you suck more at making a parody if illwillpress? if you can i would like to see it just so i know that this is not the dumbest thing you have ever done.

Your Lord & Master
Deus Ex Machina I

Very bad.

This made no sense. He just blabbed on about how he hates illwillpress and how he spends all his time on cartoons, yet he took the time to make a fairly long one of his.I like the wotk illwillpress does> I think it is funny. You however have sined against nature. Sad little man making cartoons. Sad little man.


Ha this ones pretty funny but i really posted to tell illwillpress that he needs to take being critized better and most people need to settle down cause all of his movies a well put together and funny

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Jun 16, 2003
12:44 PM EDT
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