The British Wit

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This movie is a tribute to "Monty Python". And the art is a tribute to "B&W Drama Theater".
Me and Sean got this idea when we were sitting around watching cartoons. We were just goofing around and pitching dumb jokes at each other, and we came up with this movie.

I don't really expect many of you to get any of this. I guess you'd just have to like pointless humor to enjoy it.
I dunno. Hopefully you will enjoy it.


Bloody Good Show!!

This is an original, never before have I viewed such a comical and stylish movie by the means of poor animation and repeated sound effects. The British judge does not sound British but this matters not for the fact of the matter is the incompotence and stupidity of the house indicates it can only be a British legal system lead by my own blood stained Prime Minister. I think this movie deserves more recognision and I will endevour to promote it's success to my comrades.

"Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!!"

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EricSullivan responds:

We weren't really aiming for anything accurate. We just wanted to do something that was pretty damn stupid and funny at the same time.

I guess we succeded.


yeah, that was pretty weird. a shame you spent so little time on the graphics but one can't be bothered all the bloody time, innit? I must say, I'm really impressed by your use of different camera angles and your comic timing. you, dear sir, are very talented.

fuckin shit

u think that was funny
i dont but what do i no im english
u want comedy watch the office or the british verson of coupling not that shi american one

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EricSullivan responds:

For someone who knows English, you sure don't type it too well.


Heh ahh the sully bros get together on this one, anyways that was good, i like how its done in black n white, and it did have a brit humOr, heh you like how i said O in HumOr heh well thats cause im american heh, anyways great film, make a law of no hook hehe, anyways good humor good animation, good animating team...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: From team sully...



I'm English, and very proud of it. I also like Monty Python a lot, because it's british humour. (notice the 'u' in humour. Anyway, I think that although you must obviously like monty python or you wouldn't have included the spanish inquisition. However, I don't think you really understand English humour.

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Jun 15, 2003
10:31 PM EDT
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