Miracle Explosion-Ep#02

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(Updated 3-29-2001:
Added Quality toggle button)

As Before:
Optimized for a 500mhz processor or higher. May be slow or choppy on slower machines. I recommend right-clicking and lowering the quality if you have a slower computer.

Thanks to Final Fantasy IX, Pharaoh, work, comics, and procrastination...this is a little later than advertised. Sorry. Enjoy.

This Episode is nearly 5 minutes long, thus the large file size. I have 90 pages of a graphic novel to write and illustrate, but I'll try to get more episodes out during that time. They will probably be shorter in the future.

anyone wishing to be added to the fourchinnigan.com mailing list-send a message to chinny@fourchinnigan.com

Also, I may make Miracle Explosion and other Fourchinnigan Productions works available as wallpapers on my site. Email me if you would be interested in this so I will know if I should even bother.

That's enough of my damn rambling now.


oh yeah.....

that is one of the best flash spreads ive seen since scrotum the puppy... better plotline then the puppy too. i found a new fave creator.
that squirrel looks damn spiffy too.

Good sequel

A great way to follow up from the first one. I found the part about the bug really funny, which is why I got humor down. Good story, I'm interested to see what happens next and if there will be more action in it. Nice information episode, and normally those tend to be dull. I'll be here to review the third part.

fourchinnigan responds:

More action in episode 04. Nameless begins his most intense battle ever with his most dangerous adversary.

Its good

I liked it so far. Let's see what else is gonna happen. And I wish I could draw and animate. Then I can give full reviews of works that do suck (this one doesn't) and not worry about them say "I haven't seen a work of yours, loser." oh well...

It could be better.

All this is is a incompleted crapy story!

fourchinnigan responds:

yes, as is part 3, go watch it.
Perhaps, you can write me another splendid review.

Weird... But not bad.

Oddly styleized -- like a 1950's radio show, but with postmodern comic book scarcasm thrown in.

Last of the squirrel warriors... Sheesh. But worth a watch -- and with 5 minutes from 1 meg, I'm fairly impressed.

fourchinnigan responds:

I like your description of my work. Please become my PR agent.

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3.74 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2001
7:55 PM EST
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