Stenchu 2

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Azlar- Fans of the tenchu series should love this, people who have never played the game should like this also. This movie has taken me over one year to produce. Expect a long download time (3mb +) but users can stream. However, remember all good things come to those who wait. Thanks to Rikimaru for the action script and enjoy, p.s. the Genryu's blade "rip" was a joke cause I know everyone's seen Genryu's blade, so please don't point it out, thanks.

UPDATE : by Rikimaru ;
Azlar and myself have read all your reviews so far and they're all incredible, thankyou. We'd just like to clear something up - Ayame's voice is deep and masculine as a reflection on Ayame's dreadful voice on the first tenchu game. Kagami will have a female voice so we're sorry bout that. In other news, the site is down at the moment, but it will soon be up. I (rikimaru) am making a serious tenchu parody so keep your eyes out for that. If you liked this movie, please check out our others and thanks again for the positive feedback, you guys make us want to make more. Later.

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this was awesome you have to make more

I Love this video please make more



rikimaru has a scar on his right eye from the cute his evil friend gave him try playing the whole game and see for your self.

Rikimaru-Azlar responds:

This one is based around Tenchu 2 before Tatsumaru attacked the Azuma village and scarred Rikimaru. You can see a flashback of this happening in the third tenchu spoof I made. It's called Stenchu Stealth Shinobi 2

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

I'm sorry, I just had to say something. If you were gonna make something like this you shouldn't have said it had anything to do with Tenchu. You missed the main point of the whole game and that is STEALTH. Why the hell did he slaughter all those mofos at the beginning? And when he raped Ayane and woke up in the old guys bed? Kinda freaked me out..

agree with nasifc..

It's good at first but then a bunch of really weird things happen and it kinda kills it, or as he put it, "awkward". Still animation was fantastic especially when he does a backflip.

Graphics: Awesome, very nice anime-ish style

Animation: Very fluid and well done.

Sound: Good music and effects, and voices are decent, not amazing though

Story: Didn't really understand the whole point really.

Humor: It is humorous but not necessarily funny.

Overall 8/10

Good work