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This is my first real attempt at flash so any constructive criticism is welcome. The first episode of Useless Ninja is currently underway and there should be a substantial improvement in art, sound, etc. Also, my thanks to Newgrounds.com for an awesome site and Flashkit.com for decent sound bytes. Anyway, be sure to vote and thanks for any support!!


Oh yeah, and check out my heavy metal band, Fire Head, at www.angelfire.com/ex/fire head/index.html thanks again.


Hey first try!

GOOD JOB! Sexy voice!

Need Help?

Hey CocksuckinSamurai,
I think he knows that his first attempt sucks and all, but the humor is not as bad as some other stick movies that have been on newgrounds. With a little bit of help I think he might become much better. Hey Will, if you need someone to help with voices I would like to help.

Whack-a-mole responds:

Sure that would be great. Some people can pull off the whole do all the voices themselves thing but I can't so however you wanna set it up. Email me at dealerstealer@hotmail.com and we can talk.



Well, this needs a lot of improvment. Don't use sticks, ever... I'm serious, also don't use the same voice for each person. HONESTLY, do not use stick people, EVER. I guess this is well done for your first time, but on newgrounds that means shit.

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Whack-a-mole responds:

Dear Samurai Asshole Dude,

I know it needs work. However, the use of stick men is a personal choice (combined with a technological lacking). I don't have a drawpad or the patience to draw real people with a mouse. In that respect when I do get a drawpad then you can expect extremely more decent artwork. Also, a lack of voice actors limits me to doing all the voices myself. This flash is more about content than skill or style. Thanks for your comments.


it was cool

this was a good stick fick. I hope Useless Ninja 1 comes out cause i want to see what Useless Ninja will do his useless powers. He should have gone with # 2 or # 3. also 1 more thing, cool voice with guy in tin foil.

How I hate thee

Where to begin... I know. Animation is very poor. Plot, isn't. Humor, Fart jokes (which are beyond low to begin with) may be funnier. And voice actiong needs major, major improvement.

Whack-a-mole responds:

I appreciate the voice acting comment because even though I did the voices...I totally agree that I am not a voice actor. But as the situation maintains that I have no resources to get anything better than myself. I'll live. Also, thanks for the compliment on plot (that was a compliment right?). And I also agree with your animation comment, but this is my first attempt and I don't have a drawpad...just a mouse. But really...do you think I deserved a 0? Write back if you get this, opinions are important to me. Thanks,

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2.49 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2003
12:45 AM EDT
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