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Gundam Battles

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This is a stop frame animation I made for school. I think it turned out pretty well. It has a few parts I would of like to improve but I ran out of time. Such as the gun getting shot out of his hand and the last scene there. I did the effects with Photoshop, I found out later that it would of been better to of done them right in flash but oh well. In my next animation, I'm planning on having a storyline with stop frame fights and anime style cut scenes. Let me now what you think.

P.S: Sorry for the file size, but there are a few movies in there not just pictures. Also quality isn't great, Sorry but i had to reduce the file size. This was orgianly over 50 megs!



timeframe is WAAAAAAY off, Serpent vs. NORMAL wing Gundam would never happen. Very cute with the Serpent falling over after it got blasted, would've been funnier if it was just feet that were left, but having it blown in half was pretty comical. Would've been better with more units, I mean, if it is stop go animation, you could crop it to make it look like there is an army of Serpents, even if you only have one model.


Well, as far as stop-motion animating goes, this was ok. As far as Gundam goes, Heavyarms could not have possibly sliced and diced Wing because (if you've seen the old episodes you''d know) the metals that the Gundams are made out of are resistant to nearly every solid weapon. Even beams have trouble doing any damage. But as far as effort goes, it wasn't the smoothest, but hey, it was for school. You're not gonna do your absolute best just for school, right? I say an 8/10. Anyone who votes poorly is just a jackass. You put your effort into it (I can tell these guys have no idea how tedious stop-motion animating really is) and it was still good. 8/10



Undeniable 0/10

I know those models

I recognized the kits used and that Heavyarms model sucks but it's the only one they made besides the HCM pro and you didn't give wing the proper effect of its beam rifle. when it shot something it was vaporized.



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2.38 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2003
2:21 AM EDT
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