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Lords of Battle

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Whew! After 6 months it's finally out of my head. Now I can go make Stick Slayer 8!

WARNING: Intense battles may bring your computer to it's knees!

What?? Guns and swords? Why would you fight with a sword in a gun battle? Because it's a kick ass sword! Read the screenplay!

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Some of Ben's best

This is a great piece of work, simply because of how fantastic the animation turns out to be! Even at 2003, this holds up quite well to today's standards! I love the style and especially how that 3D sword comes out to help him. It's a great story that has been told before, but the way it is presented is just wonderful. It just helps that you can put that song to pretty much anything and make it awesome. I am sorry this was never turned into a series and I am sorry for your death.

Rest in peace, old friend.

This looks like a great trailer

Nice, Dream for a Requiem, I knew I heard that somewhere... I like that animation and art style and the entire 'opression' for the body of the story. I hate how the 'savior' didn't get light his cigarette up though lol


ur sound was horrible and the guns with knights in armour?!?!?!?!
seriously man come on
u should have spent more time with the voice of the lord because it was barely understandible the flash was good though


it was awsome but it was more like a trailer then a movie but still good job!


cool movie...alot of violence