Cursor-Rama v2 (0.5)

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Alright! I fixed the cursor bug! No Longer an alpha, just 0.5!

1. If you would like music playing while you explore, click the red loops button to bring up the loops scroll menu. Select a loop and click the corresponding green button.
2. Click on the red loop button again to close the menu. Select a Cursor.
3. There would be instructions for the games here (see above), but for now, I will just say have fun. Again, terribly sorry. Once i can compress it enough, it will be up in a flash.

UPDATES (from 1.5 to 2.0 (0.5a))
-Completely new interface, although same idea.
-Loops menu is now a little pop-up interface.
-Changed the 3d cursor a bit.
-New cursor added.
-4 New loops added.
-Good preloader added.

So, review constructively. And if you have compression tips, email me them at dxethercom@yahoo.com

Thank you, and good night.



my fave music was synth and under

man it was okay..

Better than ur gay ass one man offencive.. this was cool cursors sucked but music was awesome


Not a bad flash but just not enough content. Sorry for the low vote but i vote on what i see and i saw nothing good, except for the music.

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I know Flash Actionscripting...

and I happen to know that the custom cursor script and music loop script, are very simple! Maybe, if the movie was a little better, and wirth a point, I woulda liked it! Musci was awesome tho!

Nice concept

A lot of people voted low on this, I think its because these people don't realize what kind of work went into your flash. But you also should have compressed it and finished it before you posted it here. I know Flash inside out and your action scripting is superb, but next time remember that people here want more than just a test of cursors and sounds, they want movies with a point.


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2.12 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2003
1:36 AM EDT
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