Squirrel Castle CO1

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enjoy at your own risk



Uhmm... okaaay... o_O

Well, i knew it was a mistake to choose a random portal entry, but that i would see such a flash... that's just too much to be human. x__X
First, the graphics were... well... uhm... let me say it like this: The brickwall was nicely drawn...
The voices were heavy... one was simply too quick, it fitted in now way to the situations and the other one was too slow, it sounded really dumb, acutally.

I'll make it short, don't wanna waste anymore time: The flash was too short to be worth watching and the gags, wait, was this flash supposed to be funny? oO
Read a book or do your homeworks before you deicde to make another flash.

U made me laugh

u made me laugh so I gave u a good score. didn't like the slow voice tho, I think a normal voice would have sufficed

ummmm ok

Alright.....well............i never knew onions came with acorns lol


The voice of the big guy sucked. The graphics were all pretty decent except for the chase scene. Couldn't you have thought of something better than the onions to provoke the guy?

This really wasn't that good.

Graphics sucked. Story sucked. Style sucked. Humor sucked.

Please try again.

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2.33 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2003
8:10 PM EDT
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