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RSFuture 5

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This is yet another sequel to RSFuture. It takes place right after chapter 4. This is the last chapter of RSFuture. Then, you can watch RSFuture: Special Feature, which really isn't any better. I suggest watching Quest for Perfection, though.


good stuff

I look forward to your RPG engine :D I hope you decide to make more movies :D

Jammer-Lammy responds:

Hey. I'm definitely not giving up on my rs movies, but I don't think I'll finish the RSFuture game. RSF: The Game is just too much work and there's already RuneScape itself. lol


You cant leave Runescape!!! That's impossible!!!And you cant even stop making these things!!! You can Join My clan!! Please.

Jammer-Lammy responds:

I don't even know what your clan's name is... As if I'd join it. lol... You don't want me newayz. I rarely play RuneScape now. I have a RPG engine in the making. :D


nice! and ephraim, shut up!

Jammer-Lammy responds:

^.^' thanksies


I hate to say it, but I don't care if there is some kind of horde of geeks out there fanning after some silly game.
That does NOT improve the quality of the animation, nor does it add to the style or content thereof.
As I hadn't seen your previous work, I only thought "You must be kidding" when I watched this movie. Then I watched some of your old work, and I simply couldn't finish watching it.
So this is just more or less a collective review...
I don't want to sound like a jerk, but I guess I will anyway when I ask:
Why don't you keep these animations on an RS fanpage instead of cluttering up Newgrounds with more of this? There are alot of aspiring animators, probably younger and more talented than you (I just don't get it with your films, you're either too lazy or simply untalented) and you take away the chance of them getting their share of view and merit.
Please do serious work, or don't post this kind of stuff on Newgrounds anymore. Please.

Jammer-Lammy responds:

Uhm, well, uh, I... I don't have much to say, but I know that NewGrounds is a free hosting service, and there is no RS fansite that will host my productions. It's hard enough trying to find hosting for RuneScape images.

You shouldn't watch RS movies is you don't like RS. Jeez.


now u used music from LUNAR!
yea..umm...dude that sucks...i had a few clans that went inactive too >.>

Jammer-Lammy responds:

My clan is sort of back in action, though. lolz

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2.89 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2003
12:53 AM EDT