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Spike's Revenge

rated 2.25 / 5 stars
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Jun 8, 2003 | 7:33 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Alrighty here, got a preloader in and music.... this is just to see if you guys think i should carry this out and make the whole movie....I only want helpful reviews, not flamers and shit related to that....This only has simple motion/shape tweening in it... I am still a beginner, so don't comment that i should die for being so sucky, as i have gotten that before.... please give me some tips also on how to downsize this.... one more thing, Spike is Joe's brother

UPDATE: Alrighty here... I changed the music to somethin' different, and its a short 65 second loop, really shortened up the space....this music might be better than the previous one, which was Amon Hen, by Howard Shore, From LOTR, The Fellowship...This new sound clip I made from a sound thingy i downloaded....hope it is better now...also, the music ends just a little bit short...



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I have to agree with gamewinners on this! I never know what made this pass judgement...


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What a worthless peice of c*** how the hell this passed the judgement ill never know????


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It has nothing to do with revenge!

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Mike189 responds:

I guess you failed to read my comments as well you poor illiterat fuck....If you can read, go read it again, it basically says that this isnt a whole movie yet, just a lil preview. Also, yuou must be dumber than the filthy shit that comes outta my clean ass if you think this has nothing to do w/ revenge...If i Killed your worthless dad/mom/bro whatever you have, you'd want to kill me, thus being revenge...Since your dumbass didnt understand my comments, i seriously doubt that you will be able to comprehend this.
Now go do something productive and get smart, don't be a dumbshit, nobody likes a dumbshit...


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I'm working on it...

Okay, here we go...

The flash was in need of help. Shoddy artwork, poor animation, very short, and it goes nowhere; it needs some work. It needs something...
The subject matter was nice. There is a horribly huge amount of sexually dysfunctional homophobes on NG and it was a welcome change to see a work that was at least empathetic as opposed to the usual male stereotypical macho B.S. I've grown very tired of seeing dialogue written by grown MEN(generally friggin' teenage boys) who have the maturity of children. I shudder to think of the other reviews on this one. *Brrr*
Improve the work, and keep trying.


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What the hell was that? I was so bored I fell asleep and when I woke up, there was some guy in a KKK robe walking around goose stepping like a Nazi? And who was this Spike guy? Joe's boyfriend?
When you're done with jr. high, maybe you should try the flash thing again. But until your voice changes, stay in the closet with those sticky copies of Playgirl

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Mike189 responds:

Ok, look, the KKK wore WHITE robes, some official ones were red and stuff... Do me a favor, Learn to read, learn your friggin' history, and learn that im well outta jr. high.... Also, if you care to read ALL of the author's comments, and if you could read you stupid illiterate fuck, you'd see that Spike was Joe's Brother...